8:01 is Christian Campus House's main weekly gathering. We meet every Tuesday night at 8:01 pm in the Plaster Student Union on Missouri State's campus to hang out, worship, learn, pray, and be challenged. Each week is a unique event designed to encourage college students in their journeys with Christ. 8:01 is also a great place to find out what's happening at Campus House and get involved. All college-aged people are welcome - you do not have to be a Missouri State student to come to 8:01!


Theme For 8:01s: You are here. What now?

A Journey Through Ecclesiastes

Is life about sex? Money? Power? Wisdom? Fun? Or God? This fall, we'll be asking big questions about life by walking through the book of Ecclesiastes. In this, we'll grow in understanding our purpose during our time in college. Join us in the Plaster Student Union at MSU every Tuesday night at 8:01 pm!

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