The existence of God is hotly debated in our culture, especially on our college campuses. Perhaps you’ve heard reasons for why we should reject the belief in an all-powerful, all-loving God:

  • The Big Bang and the theory of evolution has replaced God
  • A good, powerful God cannot allow evil to exist
  • The existence of God goes against the laws of physics
  • God wants to be known, yet he is hidden, and therefore does not exist

Are the skeptics correct? Do the above statements disprove the existence of God as they claim? Perhaps there is more that the existence of God can explain about our universe than we might think. Here are just a few brief examples:

  • Why does the universe exist? If you found a golf ball in the middle of a field, you wouldn’t assume that it just exists with no purpose or explanation. In the same way, shouldn’t you assume that the universe has a purpose for existing? If the universe has a purpose for its existence, its purpose has to be found outside itself. Its purpose has to be found in a transcendent, personal being, and the only one to meet those qualifications is God.
  • How did the universe begin? Today’s scientists know that the universe had a beginning. What caused the beginning of matter and energy? They can’t create themselves! The universe had to have been brought into existence by a cause that exists outside of space and time. The only cause that fits that description is God.
  • How is the universe so finely-tuned for intelligent life? If any one of the constants or quantities found in the laws of nature were to be slightly altered, the universe and the opportunity for life would not exist. Could this finely-tuned universe have come into existence by chance? The odds of this happening are ridiculously slim! The most plausible explanation for this fine-tuning is the work of an all-powerful, all-knowing God.
  • How do we determine right from wrong? If you don’t believe that there is a God, then you have no real reason to believe in an absolute right and wrong. Yet you probably do not live that way; you recognize that rape, murder of innocent children, and genocide are absolutely wrong. You recognize that the perpetrators of those acts have committed evil, no matter how they justify their actions. If there is an absolute right and wrong in the universe, then there must be a God, since without him there is no universal right and wrong.

Christians believe that not only can we observe evidence of God’s existence, but that we can have a personal relationship with him through Jesus Christ. If you desire to have a relationship with him and receive God’s love, click on the banners below.

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